A Movie For The Underdogs

There’s something quite unique taking place regarding movies, and a mother-and-son team of filmmakers are responsible for it. The new film “Dig That, Zeebo Newton”, is the co-writing and directorial debut of the Memphis-based creative duo, author L Kaye Lowery, and her son, the prolific recording and music video artist Muck Sticky.

Affectionately known to its awaiting audience as “Zeebo”, this heartwarming story is about a small-town misfit who gets bullied, fired from his job, threatened with eviction, rejected by his dream girl, then gets abducted by the meanest family around and must fight for his life to save everything he loves.

Fan-funded through IndieGoGo, coupled with a cast of iconic Memphis musicians and entertainers, this quirky little film has won awards in four of its eight film festival selections, including the Silver Award for Best Feature in the NYC Indie Film Awards.

The cast includes notable names like WWE Wrestling Legend Jerry “The King” Lawler, The Blues Brothers drummer Willie “Too Big” Hall, singer-songwriters Keith Sykes and Amy LaVere, Memphis rap stars Al Kapone, Lil Wyte, and Oscar-winner Frayser Boy, Randy Timberlake (JT’s Father), and multi-platinum rock band Saliva guitarist Wayne Swinny.

Entertainment icon Carol Burnett recently gave a review of the film stating “WOW! This was a wonderful experience. I love the story, the way it was shot, and especially the acting.”

This is a story for anyone who has ever been bullied, made fun of, told they weren’t good enough, or made to feel like they weren’t worthy of having good things happen to them in life.

Watch the BRAND NEW TRAILER below…

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