The Church

Shot an amazing scene Saturday night for our movie at the Shelby Forest Baptist Church with so many of our awesome friends! Many thanks to everyone for coming out, to everyone at the church for having us, to Tim Plunk for playing the Music Director, and to Randy Timberlake for playing the Pastor. This movie just keeps getting better and better. We are truly blessed to have so many awesome friends!

Winding Down Production

It’s officially a wrap for The Hammerheads portion of our movie “Dig That, Zeebo Newton”. I am eternally thankful to Billy Pounds, Leo Awgowhat, Clinton McCaig, Chris Person, Michael Pounds, and Momma Sticky for their amazing performances as the meanest family in town. We made cinema history folks! Can’t wait for you all to see this! Look out Oscars, here we come…

Zeebo, Jessi Rae & Frank

Getting really close to wrapping production on our movie. Wednesday we finished scenes with Wade Long who plays Frank, Zeebo’s best friend. Such an amazing performance! My sister Cookie is such a natural actress. It’s surreal seeing this thing come to life. Major thanks to everyone who has been involved. I’m truly blessed and humbled by this whole experience…


Although we’ve been a little absent from the website over the last few weeks, it just means that we’ve been super busy working on the movie. Below are some photos from our recent shoots…

Missy and Zeebo sitting on the green box
Momma filming Zeebo on his bike
Momma films Zeebo and Missy atop the green box
Muck records Willie “Too Big” Hall doing some narration
Muck and Ricky lining up the drone
Momma and Ricky lining up a drone shot while Zeebo coordinates the plan
Zeebo came across a rattlesnake while riding his bike through the forest
Missy and Zeebo are great friends
Zeebo, Missy and Momma on set
Fun day on set with (left to right) Ricky Greenway, Jonathan Priest, Mckenzie Houston, Nathan Cox, Amy LaVere, Muck Sticky, and Momma (taking photo).